Exciting Adventure Activities for Your Antarctic Trip

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

A trip to Antarctica is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you can enhance with optional adventure activities. How many people can say that they’ve kayaked at the bottom of the world surrounded by seals, whales, and penguins? Paddled among Antarctic icebergs? Hiked a mountain on the 7th Continent?

Not many.

Our guests have the option of booking extra adventure excursions to enjoy during their exploration of the Antarctic Peninsula. To ensure a safe, quality experience these adventures can only accommodate a small group of participants, so booking these at the time of your reservation is highly recommended.

Which adventure is right for you?

Hiking and Snowshoeing in Antarctica
Get back to Antarctic roots. Hear the crisp white snow crackle as your snowshoes help you glide along the untouched terrain. Or grab your walking poles as we hike through to the best vantage points each landing has to offer.

Each excursion location is selected to offer the best views of the surrounding landscapes. Under the leadership of your expert mountain guide, you start from the shore and climb to higher elevations, enjoying breathtaking views as you gain ground. All required equipment is provided by Antarctica21. All you need to pack is your sense of adventure and a camera. The excursion is available on all our Classic Antarctica and Polar Circle voyages. Only 12 people per voyage can participate.

Each excursion lasts about 90 minutes. As with all plans in Antarctica, flexibility is required. We always have to adapt to the whims of Mother Nature and plans can change in an instant.

Note that those wishing to book the hiking and snowshoeing program do not need previous experience. However, a certain level of fitness is required of participants.

Sea Kayaking in Antarctica
There is no better way to enjoy Antarctica than gliding through its waters on a sea kayak. With icebergs surrounding you, and wildlife playing inquisitively around your vessel, you’ll see the White Continent like you’ve never imagined.

Your Kayak Master navigates you through the calm waters of the Peninsula, pointing out wildlife and natural wonders. At some locations there is an opportunity to sit back and absorb the indescribable natural beauty, the silence interrupted only by the sounds of nature. It’s a magical experience.

The sea kayaking adventure is available on all our Classic Antarctica and Polar Circle voyages. Each excursion lasts about 90 minutes, leaving you plenty of time to explore on land as well. You must be 16 years of age or older to participate and you must have some prior experience with kayaking. Only 10 guests per voyage can book the sea kayaking option and it usually sells out quickly.

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